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Custom Cases is our specialty. We have over 40 years of experience providing all industries with custom solutions for carrying, shipping, storage and handling.

We offer both molded shipping cases and custom shipping cases to provide a wide choice range in size, strength, weight, economy, and styling to suit many different applications.

Molded Cases come in many standard sizes but limited to existing molds and configurations.

Custom Fabricated Cases can be made in any size with unlimited options in design. So let the experts at ATS cases provide the perfect case for your unique requirements

Custom Cases 


Carrying Cases

Carrying Cases are characterized by being lightweight, stylish and can be easily carried by one person. 

They are available in standard sizes or

can be fabricated in custom sizes.

Used mostly for sales presentation cases, hand held medical devices, photographic equipment ect.

Shipping Cases

Shipping cases are heavy duty

construction built to withstand the rigors

of common carrier shipping.

They are designed and manufactured to precisely fit and protect  the equipment they are transporting.

Used for heavier equipment which will be handled by more than one person or moved by material handling equipment

Transport Cases

Transport cases combine the features of

carrying and shipping cases. They are lighter in weight than shipping cases and usually have edge casters and pull handles.

They come in standard sizes but can be

custom made  to meet the airline requirements of 62" max L+W+H

Typical uses are sales demonstrations, field service and general transport by car or van. Not recommended for common carrier


Demonstation Cases

Demonstration cases are characterized by

ease of operation. They are designed to allow the equipment to be used in the case. Often multiple devices can be       pre-wired so set up time is drastically reduced.

The equipment is cushioned for transportation by foam inserts,

mechanical shock absorbers or both.

Power strips, fans, drawers, lids that convert to work surfaces are just a few examples of the unlimited options.

Roto Mold Cases

Roto Mold Cases are manufactured

with a process that allows for heavy guage walls and extra thickness at the corners.


They are widely used for industrial and military applications where their ruggedness, stacking ability and resistance to the outdoor elements are a  requirement.

They can be made  watertight or airtight

and options include pressure relief valves, skids, forklift pockets and tie down or lifting rings.